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“Being in a help desk [role] is a good way to view what other, more intense positions do within the IT field.” It also gives you a chance to either choose to delve further or make a career move elsewhere, Lewis adds. Technical knowledge isn’t the only thing you’ll develop at the help desk. Working as a help desk technician can give you the opportunity to gain sought-after soft skills that are critical in the IT field, including communication, critical help desk engineer thinking and prioritization. In addition to the tools you’ll have at your disposal on the job, many employers are willing to help facilitate your professional development with training and assistance programs that can help grow your technical expertise. Senior infrastructure engineers average a higher salary than the annual salary of help desk engineers. Imagine you are employed by Simco Technologies, Inc., a small software development company.

IT entrepreneur aims to bridge Black tech gap one IT certification at … – Afro American Newspaper

IT entrepreneur aims to bridge Black tech gap one IT certification at ….

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They have the duty to identify and understand the project’s needs, streamline project requirements, produce drafts, create prototypes and models, and establish tests to identify potential issues and ensure the projects’ quality. Additionally, a senior infrastructure engineer has the authority to make decisions, train and supervise junior engineers, establish goals and timelines, provide technical support, and implement policies and guidelines. We offer the same type of resources for careers in networking and cyber security, which are also careers slated for growth1 and still carry relevance with respect to current technical support jobs, such as help desk representatives.

My journey from IT Helpdesk to Software Developer in 18 months

What I experience in my work now is not what I experienced when I first started 20 years ago, and it’s not just about the technology I was using, either. Everyone has to start somewhere, and since I’ve experienced the highs and lows of climbing the IT ladder, I want to share some tips with you. My hope is you can feel good about kick-starting a career in IT, or get an understanding of what you need to do to keep climbing and have success. In contrast, someone who is technically proficient but without experience in customer service should focus on building their communication skills. You can work on both simultaneously with a foundational online course like Google’s Technical Support Fundamentals. In general, senior infrastructure engineers hold similar degree levels compared to help desk engineers.

  • They’re 2.8% less likely to obtain a Master’s Degree while being 0.6% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.
  • An Interview Coach prepares you for that crucial interaction with targeted employers—your booster rocket above the competition.
  • More than 75,000 workers at one of the nation’s largest health care providers, Kaiser Permanente, could go on strike next Wednesday if there’s no agreement between their unions and their employer.
  • Adams explains that interdepartmental communication happens all the time in IT, particularly at companies where IT works together as a well-oiled machine.
  • Osman says working in a help desk role provides opportunities to network with more advanced technicians and engineers, as well as gain a better understanding of how other teams operate and resolve issues.
  • Like a first responder in an emergency (hey, email is an emergency!) the help desk technician is tasked with triaging the issue.

As a help desk tech, you are on the other end of that ticket, and you are answering the phone. Like a first responder in an emergency (hey, email is an emergency!) the help desk technician is tasked with triaging the issue. If the issue involves a user needing a copy of their Exchange .pst file, you will send the ticket to the Exchange Admin queue. You are a traffic cop, keeping things moving and fixing small things where you can. A wise old man once told me, a journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step…Okay, no one actually told me that – but it’s a good adage to think of as you approach a career in IT. Let’s focus on a couple of different jobs you can do to get off to a good start in your IT career.

How much does a good help desk engineer cost?

«escalate,» «provide technical assistance,» «help desk,» and «mac» are skills that commonly show up on help desk engineer resumes. On the other hand, senior infrastructure engineers use skills like cloud, aws, azure, and powershell on their resumes. A senior infrastructure engineer specializes in designing and developing systems and infrastructures based on client preferences and industry standards.